Management Did No Wrong In Paa Kwasi’s Decision To Resign


Management has cleared the air on the relationship that existed between Kotoko and Paa Kwasi Fabin before the head coach tendered in his resignation on Thursday.

Paa Kwasi resigned from his post alongside physical trainer, Derrick Osei Owusu, and management insists it cannot be blamed for the decision taken by the coach. 

In a 15-point release signed by Director of Communications, Lawyer Sarfo Dudu, management stresses it discussing with Paa Kwasi Fabin to on the best ways to strengthen the playing and technical bodies.

“Management states that it has, at all material times, within its five weeks in office, had a very good working relationship with the head coach and his technical term.”

“Management had given the head coach and his technical team the needed support, encouragement and motivation to be able to work effectively and deliver.”

“Management for instance requested and received from the head coach a situational report including, but not limited to the strengths and weaknesses of his technical team and playing body, technical persons and players he would recruit to strengthen those weaknesses, his short, medium and long-term plans for the club which said report is seriously being studied by management for the actions to be taken.”

“In fact, the coach was mandated by management to, as a matter of urgency, bring in a new trainer for the goalkeepers when it was found out that the current trainer does not have the requisite qualification.”

It said: "Management had planned to have a meeting with the head coach after the team’s friendly match with Ashgold at Obuasi to discuss his report and his future with Kotoko.”

This, according to management, was after the executive chairman and management has agreed to extend the contract of the head coach.

“About a month ago, management sighted a recorded video call in which head coach and an official of a club in South Africa were discussing a possibility of the coach.”

“Management decided however that it would not approach the coach with the said video call as it wanted to have a good working relationship with him and to ensure stability in the team. Thus, management has kept mute on the matter from that time till now.”

“Management has never had talks with any person or group of persons to engage their services as technical men of the club.”

On his accommodation, it is on record, according to the statement, that the coach requested to live in his own house which the previous administration accepted.

"Management wishes to state that the coach requested to use his own car instead of e club’s official car and has been taking his fuel and maintenance allowances."

“Management wishes to state that since taking over the affairs of the club, the head coach has never made any complaints to management as being an impediment in the discharge of his work.”

"Management, therefore, states, in no uncertain terms, that the decision by the head coach to resign is from his own will and not through the actions or inactions of management."

“Management appeals to its teaming supporters and the general football fans to remain calm while it takes steps to ensure stability in the technical team,” it concluded.

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